Refresh Your Space This Summer

Nathan Parcells
Refresh Your Space This Summer

Do you ever arrive at your desk to start the day only to realize that you can’t even find your pen because it’s covered by a heap of papers as tall as Mt. Vesuvius? Organizing the places where you intern and live will refresh you and help you work more efficiently. So here are some tips for organizing your space.

“Clean your room”

Your house or apartment should be a place where you can relax and prepare for another workday, but if it’s messy it will just be a place that wears you down. A messy room can drain your energy just by causing you to think of starting to clean it all up. Set aside 15 minutes to put some music on and dance around your room spiffing it up. You’ll be surprised by how much you can get done in just a few minutes of focused organization.

Assess your work space

Do you feel cluttered when you’re at your desk and other places in your office? Clear away any old papers, old post-it-notes, and old coffee cups. Consider keeping a plant by your desk. Not only will it liven up your workspace, but it will give off oxygen that will refresh you throughout the day. Put pictures of your family, favorite sports team, or hero by your desk. These images will give you positive vibes and encourage you when you’re not feeling motivated.  Click here for an excellent source that will help you be comfortable and healthy at work.

Throw away anything you don’t need

After you use papers or cards, store them or throw them away. After someone gives you their business card send them an email, put them in your Google contacts
, and then put all the cards in a small tupperware or other container. There’s no reason to have to sit sideways because you have a wallet that’s 2-inches thick full of papers you don’t need.

Arrange your virtual space

A disorganized computer can also have negative affects on your work.  Create multiple folders and be specific when naming any document. If you have so many tabs on your browser that you can’t read them, it might be time to close some of the ones you no longer need.  Click here for more information on how to organize your desktop.

Habituate yourself to daily organizing

Don’t wait until you’re covered in trash to start digging your way out of the rubble; organize your materials throughout the day. Get in the habit of arranging everything you use, and you will save yourself a lot of time and stress. Organization is a skill that will serve you throughout your life and in every job, so why not start developing this quality during your summer internship?