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Shark Tank Style Competition is Out to Find the Best Young Entrepreneurs

Adam Ornelas
Published on September 29, 2015

RECESS pitch competition gives millennials once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn business ideas into reality.

Millennials are always under scrutiny by their generational predecessors.

“They’re so lazy!”

“They’re entitled!”

“They think they can do anything!”

You hear it on TV and read about it on the internet. Millennials are put under the microscope and culturally dissected as if they’re some kind of alien life form; a culture of paradigm breakers and resistors of conventional workplace structures and rules.

More and more millennials are channeling their innate traits of imagination, ambition, and curiosity into methods of leading fulfilling lives at their own pace, and by their own rules.

Millennials are finding ways to turn their hobbies and passions into jobs and seeking out like-minded individuals, mentors and organizations to make their dreams realities.

RECESS, the only college music + ideas festival, has developed an initiative that exposes college entrepreneurs to all three with their Pitch Competition.

The RECESS Pitch Competition is a college ‘Shark Tank’ style competition that gives students at each of the college campuses on their tour the opportunity to take their business ideas and turn them into world changing startups. The winning team from each school advances to the RECESS Field Trip in Los Angeles where they get the opportunity to pitch major investors, meet potential mentors, and win special opportunities.

However, the competition isn’t confined to only participants from the stops on the Fall Tour.

There are five spots open to At-Large bids. Students from all over the country are encouraged to sign up, submit their business idea, and compete for a chance to join the campus winners on the RECESS Field Trip in Los Angeles.

“We developed The Pitch as a springboard for college students with ideas at all levels; early stage to a working business. The competition aspect is exciting, but some of the best parts of the initiative are the connections made and lessons learned from our team of mentors,” says RECESS Co-Founder Jack Shannon.

Student founders from last year’s Field Trip have gone on to raise aggregate seed funding of over $12 million from Tim Draper, Mark Cuban, Marc Benioff and others.

This is your chance to make the leap from idea to reality and join the ranks of your generational peers who are ditching the 9-5 and making their passion their day job.

The application deadline is Sunday, Nov. 15, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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