Don’t Consider Yourself A Tech Expert (Yet)? This Aerospace & Aviation Company Still Wants You

Liam Berry
Don’t Consider Yourself A Tech Expert (Yet)? This Aerospace & Aviation Company Still Wants You
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When it comes to landing a specialized job like a surgeon or a rocket scientist, it can feel like there’s an impassable gap between the time you enter college and the time you actually start solving real problems.

But, that gap isn’t bridged by classes and studying alone.

Hands-on experience can mean all the difference in the world for up-and-coming innovators—especially in the complex world of aerospace and aviation.

Luckily Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), one of the largest private aerospace and aviation firms, looks for people with raw talent, a drive to learn, and a “commitment to a cause” for its internships and entry-level positions. That means SNC could be a perfect “in” to an exciting job in engineering and tech.

It’s About the Person, Not Just the Resume

SNC is a company that is—above all—innovative. After all, no one wants to buy a rocket ship that isn’t top of the line. And no government wants to buy critical defense technology from a company that doesn’t lead the industry.

SNC’s mission demands excellence. So that’s what SNC recruiters look for.

If you’re at the top of your class, the head of your club, or the lead on your research project, it doesn’t necessarily matter if you know rocket fuel thermodynamics (or something like that). Demonstrating excellence is hard, but it’s a lot more doable than demonstrating experience with jet engines or deep-space human habitats.

It makes sense that a company this far ahead of the present would look for raw talent and not just experience.

Mechanical Engineer Melodie Seto says recent grads don’t need to worry about having a perfect resume. “So much of what you learn as an engineer happens on the job, so you shouldn’t worry about having the exact right technical skills as a recent grad.”

How to Get Hired at a Real Live Space Company

So, how do you stand out to SNC? Demonstrate excellence in a way that embodies the company’s core values: integrity, innovation, agility, passion, patriotism, and perseverance.

For example, if you’re in the ROTC program while simultaneously excelling in a high-stress academic discipline, you could handily demonstrate both commitment to country and persevering in the face of a challenge.

Or, perhaps you lead your school’s environmental policy club, while learning programming on the side. This would show your recruiter that you have a passion for causes and continuously learning about subjects outside your major.

Innovation requires quickly and thoroughly learning new topics, while having the aptitude to expand on those concepts.

SNC’s mentorship program pairs you with someone who was once in your shoes, and wants to take you to the next level. Tackling real projects under the tutelage of an industry veteran will allow you to blossom into the rocket scientist or spaceship systems engineer you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to do incredible work in challenging fields (that produce breathtaking results like human spaceflight), then check out some fun facts, videos, and amazing opportunities from SNC on WayUp right now!