Snatching Your First Job

Thomas Martino
Snatching Your First Job

This is a guest post by Ashley Bender for Student Stories. 

Looking for your first real job can be tough. Most companies want you to have experience, whether it’s flipping burgers at McDonalds, following an interest to work for a newspaper, or working in a warehouse. That first job fuels the formation of a good resume and begins the metamorphosis from a dependent kid to an independent adult.

As a freshman in college it became apparent that I couldn’t live off of microwavable Mac and Cheese, which I often messed up, and I was up to my waist in loans. I needed a job, even if it was only in the summer to help with finances during the school year. During high school I used to dog sit for my neighbor and worked as a gate guard at my neighborhood pool. I earned less than minimum wage and had no real company experience. So I searched both through the internet and in person for a part-time job near where I lived. I sent out application after application to various different companies. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get a positive word and if I managed to get an interview, I still didn’t get the job.
Applying is the first step into the job field. Some companies will never respond and some might shoot an email or give a phone call, but that acceptance letter is hard to come by. Don’t get discouraged though, there is hope. There are many companies looking for part-time employees and are usually flexible with school. Just remember, anything worth having is worth fighting for.

I almost gave up looking for that summer, but at the last second I got an interview with Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia. This was the second interview that I received from this company. The first time I didn’t make it past the interview. This time, I told myself, would be different. I reviewed the history of the company, looked up common interview questions, and dressed to impress. After this interview I got accepted for the summer of 2013 to work in the Admissions Department for Kings Dominion.

Take it from me, finding that first job can be tough without any experience, but it can be done. Stay strong, research the companies, keep applying, and never give up. Someone will find you and you will be on your way to becoming independent.

About the Author:

Ashley Bender is a junior at Longwood University. She will graduate in May of 2015 with an English Major and Creative Writing Concentration. She is originally from Pennsylvania, but now lives in Virginia. She has a horse, two cats, and likes to be outside. She is a hard working individual who is involved in her college community. She likes to learn more about whatever she does and strives to keep getting better.