4 Reasons You’d Be an Amazing Teacher (No Education Degree Required)

4 Reasons You’d Be an Amazing Teacher (No Education Degree Required)
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Most of us can name a favorite teacher, someone who made us actually look forward to class and who had a knack for keeping us awake and interested, even when we couldn’t wait for other classes to be over. Let’s face it: an amazing teacher is basically a superhero. If you’re passionate about education and want to become an amazing teacher, we have some great news! A teacher can have a bachelor’s degree in any subject, it doesn’t need to be an education degree.

What you do need to have are the four traits below.

You’re Itching to Make a Difference with Your Career

Maybe you realized it during that spring break volunteer trip or it might’ve been working with kids during your summer as a camp counselor. Somewhere along the way, you realized that the career path that will make you the most fulfilled is one that will make a difference in other people’s lives. And ever since then, you’ve been racking your brain to figure out what that career might be.

You Never Back Down from a Challenge

Are you someone with some serious courage? You’re not the type to give up if something is hard or doesn’t work out the way you planned. Instead, you make a point to learn from everything you do (the successes and the not-so-successes), and you keep working at any problem until you find a solution. In fact, you’re happiest when you’re growing and learning new things.

You Have a Knack for Explaining Things

Whether it’s giving your parents a crash course in using a new iPhone or showing a friend how to do his taxes for the first time, you’re a natural at helping people learn new things. When someone asks a question, you’re the first to step up and help out. On top of that, you’re articulate and patient, and when you say there’s no such thing as a silly question, you mean it.

You Believe That All Children Should Have Access to a Great Education

You want children to reach their full potential and believe that a great education can make a big difference in a person’s life. It doesn’t matter if a kid lives in a leafy suburb or the inner city – you are passionate about putting students on the path to college by inspiring a love of learning. You revel in the idea of being a role model and a role model for what’s possible in education.

Sound like you? We bet you’d be an amazing teacher who can help students continue to cultivate their love of learning. If you’re feeling inspired to dive into a life-changing career, check out Success Academy on WayUp!