Why Diversity Is More Important For This Industry Above Any Other

Liam Berry
Why Diversity Is More Important For This Industry Above Any Other
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Diversity is more than just hiring the right slate of candidates. Building a truly diverse team is about having an inclusive environment that allows people of all backgrounds, experiences, and points-of-view to do their best work. And it’s more than just creating a great environment for your team—it’s about making an impact in the world around you.

That’s what you’ll find at TEKsystems, an industry leader in Full-Stack Technology Services, Talent Services, and real-world application.

The Ripple Effect Of Diversity In Recruiting

Recruiters are, in many ways, Consultants. They not only find and source candidates for their corporate clients but also make assessments and recommendations. That means Recruiters work on the frontlines of actually making diversity happen.

Challenging your own biases and presenting all candidates fairly to your clients is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a Recruiter. And that’s one of the best parts about it: When you’re doing the right thing as a Recruiter, you’re just doing your job well.

And the impact this can have is obvious: A diverse, well-trained team at a company like TEKsystems means there will be more diverse, well-crafted teams at the thousands of companies they work with.

Making Diversity Work At TEKsystems

TEKsystems knows diversity is extraordinarily essential for a successful recruiting team, so they don’t take an ordinary approach to making it happen.

They partner with Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and FindSpark to help source the best talent. They also use merit-based competitions and conferences like the National Sales Network Student Conference and the National Diversity Case Competition to help find people who are passionate about sales and recruiting.

But that’s just assembling the team. They also commit serious resources toward making it work in practice.

At TEKsystems, you can come as yourself from day one. Leadership knows that no training is complete without teaching everyone to respect people’s lifestyles and viewpoints and use differences as strengths. Those are essential Recruiter skills, and they’re essential people skills, too.

And it doesn’t stop after onboarding. Every training, professional development program, and opportunity for growth is informed by that philosophy. People who succeed at recruiting usually succeed at being great co-workers, too.

There are also opportunities to connect with your communities at TEKsystems. The company is home to a myriad of employee resource groups like Women@TEK, Pride@TEK, NextGen@TEK, and way more where people of any background can network with senior leadership, talk about their experiences, and influence change in the organization.

TEKsystems is built from the top down for people who are looking to help others while helping themselves, too. It’s what makes them a great company and what makes them an amazing employer, too.

The most successful Recruiters seek out everyone’s strengths and identify talent and potential in people. Sound like you? Check out fun facts, videos, job opportunities, and more from TEKsystems on WayUp right now!