Writing “Thank You” Notes to Interviewers

Kevin Warner - WayUp Guest Contributor
Writing “Thank You” Notes to Interviewers

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the job interview process is not following up your interview with a “thank you.”  Bottom line: not sending a “thank you” note can be interpreted as a total lack of interest in the position.

When you get home from an interview (or to a coffee shop, library or other wifi enabled location) draft an email thank you to send to your interviewer.

Here are some simple tips for the post-interview “interview:” 

Make the note personalized.  While the format can be a template from previous use, ensure that you are adding both a mutual interest or interesting direct discussion that came up in the meeting while reiterating in a single sentence why you’re the perfect fit for the role.

PRO EXAMPLE:  “I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me today. Your perspectives and insights only strengthened my knowing that I am the perfect candidate for the position. It was also interesting hearing how you too fell victim to the drop bear while in Australia.”

Send a handwritten note.  Reiterate your appreciation of their taking the time to interview you and confidently include that you look forward to joining the team and working to drive success. (These notes should be on professional thank you notes, written legibly, with matching envelopes and mailed the same day as the interview)

PRO EXAMPLE:  “I look forward to the next step in the process and am excited to begin working alongside the team and fulfilling the clients needs.”

Sit back and relax.  At this point you don’t want to bombard your contact and besides, you’ve already had a great interview, sent an email thanking them, and reminded them that you are the perfect fit with a handwritten note.

Now, completing the above increases your odds of landing the job, according to resume and job hunting expert Ellen Gordon Reeves but doesn’t make it a sure thing. If a week goes by (yes, an entire week) and you do not hear back, simply send an additional email to your contact requesting the status of the position.