The 10 Best Action Words for Your Resume

WayUp Staff
The 10 Best Action Words for Your Resume


Employers are looking for self-motivated candidates who are passionate and driven and can contribute to a company’s growth. The secret to helping potential employers recognize that you are that candidate lies in communicating your abilities effectively–especially when it comes to your resume.

Lucky for you, we’ve made it easy. Check out the best action words to make your resume set you apart from the competition.

1. Launched

Did you start something? Launch a new professional project? Establish an office book club? Employers want to know. Someone with drive, creativity and motivation to get projects off the ground is guaranteed to be an asset to any company.

2. Increased

Whether you increased profits, followers or efficiency, this powerhouse resume keyword is bound to get you noticed. An ability to take existing things and make them bigger, better and stronger is a highly sought-after skill that potential employers love.

3. Resolved

Communication, leadership and problem-solving skills summed up in one word. From coming up with a solution to a day-to-day administrative task to working out a complex project setback, examples of initiative and problem-solving acumen will set you apart from the competition.

4. Improved

The bottom line? Employers are looking for potential employees who are going to bring value to their organization. Demonstrate your ability to do this by pointing out how you contributed to improving conditions, work processes or outcomes in a past role. Use specific examples and before-and-after comparisons to really spark the attention of hiring managers.

5. Coordinated

Coordination—whether applied to projects and teams or event or administration tasks—requires a high level of organization, effective leadership and the ability to work as part of a team. It also means you were entrusted with a superior level of responsibility and authority. Employers will always gravitate towards candidates who have proven themselves capable of organizational leadership roles.

6. Collaborated

Unless you’re self-employed (and even then), working with others is an undeniable reality of professional life. Outline instances where you worked as part of a team and communicated effectively to demonstrate your ability to collaborate successfully.

7. Researched

No matter our field or industry, we learn from the experiences and work of others, and experience with research implies a capacity for finding, analyzing, summarizing and drawing conclusions from various sources—an asset in any role.

8. Created

Another characteristic employers across industries keep an eye out for? Creativity. No matter how analytical you think the position you’re applying for is, creating—whether it’s a new protocol or a whole new division within a company—implies an ability to come up with solutions, spot opportunities and see them through.

9. Presented

Presentation skills are resume gold, as they mean a potential candidate is comfortable organizing data and communicating it to others. Whether pitching to a client or transmitting information internally, organizations benefit from having eloquent employees who will represent their company effectively.

10. Adapted

As important as being able to start or improve things, the ability to adapt illustrates an attractive level of flexibility, creativity and savviness. If you can take incompatible things and make them work, employers will want to know—it’s a rare skill!

Sometimes setting yourself apart from the pack is as easy as expressing your professional background succinctly and compellingly. Make your experience work for you by revisiting your resume and incorporating these powerful action words today. The best part? It’s win­-win for both you and your potential employer.

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