This Chemistry Major’s Unlikely Path to a Career in Recruiting

Alyssa Greenfield
This Chemistry Major’s Unlikely Path to a Career in Recruiting
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Jaime Battle recently celebrated five years at Thermo Fisher Scientific. But her path to her current job as a Talent Acquisition Recruiter was far from predictable. Today, she focuses on global university relations and diversity. Her story goes to show that your dream career might not be the one you expected to have. In fact, it might not even be directly related to your major. Read on for the story of how Jaime set off on an unexpected (and fulfilling) career at Thermo Fisher.

Mom Knows Best

As her graduation from Spelman College was approaching, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her chemistry degree. To start her job search, Jaime attended a career fair where she struck up a conversation with Ronita Griffin from Thermo Fisher Scientific, who asked if she was interested in recruitment. It wasn’t a natural career path for a chemistry major, but Jaime went home and researched the job, anyway. She ultimately decided it was a great fit for her interests, interviewed and started working for Thermo Fisher Scientific in December 2012.

Jaime’s job really came full-circle when she returned a year later to the same career fair where she got her start—this time as a recruiter. Because of her experience, she was in a unique position to help other students and recent graduates figure out their own ideal career path. Since starting her job over five years ago, she’s learned valuable career skills, including the importance of time management, and what it takes to maintain a good work-life balance—even when things at the office get hectic.

Five Years (and Multiple Roles) Later

Jaime’s role at the company has changed a lot over the years. In the process, she’s learned so much and been trusted with a lot of responsibility—like spearheading and managing Thermo Fisher’s campus relations ambassador program and working with 12 campus ambassadors from top-tier schools to host on-campus events and spread the word about Thermo Fisher at their colleges. In her current role focusing on university relations and diversity, Jaime works on a three-person team to manage all internships for her 55,000-person company. It’s a lot of work and a new challenge for Jaime, who’s putting her acquired time-management skills to the test. Even after half a decade at the company, she’s still learning and growing.

Jaime’s Top Four Career Tips:

There’s no denying that Jaime has come a long way in her career since she graduated with a degree in chemistry. Here’s her top advice for college students, recent grads or anyone figuring out their next career move.

  1. Your college major doesn’t have to dictate where you go. There are so many career options you might not even know exist. Do your research!
  2. Don’t sell yourself short. Jaime has talked to students who feel badly because they’re not at the top of their class. But there are so many things that make you qualified for a job that have nothing to do with your grades.
  3. At your internship or job, prioritize meeting with different people and focus on building relationships to help you grow. Let people know you’re there and willing to do great work.
  4. Find a mentor. Jaime met Alan Nevel, VP of Diversity and Inclusion at Thermo Fisher, while she was attending a conference. He quickly became her mentor, and showed her the importance of having someone as a coach and sounding board. 

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