This Company’s Mission Is To Create New Products For Better Health Worldwide —And They’re Hiring

Liam Berry
This Company’s Mission Is To Create New Products For Better Health Worldwide —And They’re Hiring
Sponsored by, Otsuka

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. is striving to transform the typical pharmaceutical development paradigm. The company encourages debate, collaboration, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation of the entire development process in order to develop compounds that best serve patients’ needs.   The dynamic and vibrant organization is comprised of diverse, motivated individuals that have a passion for delivering innovative products with a commitment to better health worldwide.

Working The Otsuka Way

Otsuka is a unique place to work.  Otsuka-people are agile and enjoy navigating in non-traditional environments where debate is encouraged, and employees have the freedom to make a difference in the world.

Passion is one of many distinct qualities shared by Otsuka-people.  Creative, curious, entrepreneurial, open-minded, and able to “think outside of the box,” Otsuka-people love a challenge, and have the can-do attitude and steely determination to persevere and go the extra mile to find a solution.

Otsuka believes that the working environment of its facilities should reflect its key priorities of collaboration, big venture thinking, innovation, and health and well-being. Otsuka offices have been designed to maximize an abundance of natural light, a feature that employees expressed was incredibly important to them. To inspire people to connect and collaborate with each other, the design team created an informal environment with individual desks arranged in an open plan setting, with teams and individuals matched to the locations and workstations that make the most sense.

Freedom to Dream

Those who join the Otsuka family know that they will be highly valued and encouraged to fulfill their potential, whether they are just beginning, or have already travelled far along their career path. Employees are encouraged to follow their dreams and the company gives them the freedom to reach for those dreams.