Want To Make An Impact With A Tech Company? T-Mobile’s Internship Program Might Be A Perfect Fit

Liam Berry
Want To Make An Impact With A Tech Company? T-Mobile’s Internship Program Might Be A Perfect Fit
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To make an impact in today’s tech world, you need more than a great product with 100 million users. You need to disrupt entire industries and bad practices.

But technology isn’t just about the big stuff. Technology enables the everyday conveniences and possibilities that make life special. Having fast-enough data to FaceTime your grandmother, the right camera phone to capture that perfect moment, the right memes in your group chat to better everyone’s day.

Technology can make all the difference in the world, if the company providing it empowers you – then knows when to get out of your way.

And that’s exactly what T-Mobile is all about.

Here’s why T-Mobile’s internship program is one of the best ways to start a tech career with PURPOSE.

Making Wireless Work For Everyone

People need their phones. They are among the most basic tools of modern life, keeping us plugged in, up-to-date, safe, and happy. With all that on the line, think about how much difference a wireless company can make.

That’s why T-Mobile runs on its Un-carrier® philosophy, which is all about breaking down the old ways of doing business that benefited the company but ignored the customer completely. T-Mobile offers unlimited data, lower pricing, no contracts, no hidden fees, and many other totally intuitive things that seem obvious—but that most wireless companies just won’t do.

This isn’t just good business, either; it’s a practice that empowers customers of every income bracket. You shouldn’t have to be ultra-wealthy to use a wireless hotspot or access information on the go.

T-Mobile pairs this kind of commonsense innovation with game-changing leaps in tech. They’re building a top-tier 5G network, disrupting the TV industry, and a whole lot more.

Changing The Way People Work

The Un-carrier philosophy doesn’t just govern how T-Mobile works with its customers—it’s driving a radical shift to the standards by which its own employees come to work.

Just as it freed consumers from mobile contracts, T-Mobile did away with stiff business dress codes and an exclusionary corporate culture. When you work at T-Mobile, you get to come to work as your real self. That’s why diversity and inclusion aren’t just concepts for T-Mobile—they’re drivers behind the company’s success.

This applies to the actual work you do at T-Mobile, too. Big ideas don’t sit in endless review sessions or go through a thousand panels to reach the finish line. T-Mobile is a company listening and reacting to its customers and employees, alike.

If you think you’ve got the next big idea in wireless (anything from an ad campaign to a killer line of code), then you won’t have to worry about being too low on the corporate ladder to have it heard. T-Mobile threw out the ladder and gave everyone a voice at the table.

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