Top 10 Most Interesting College Courses

Jenny Xie
Top 10 Most Interesting College Courses

This is a guest post from Noodle Education, a life-long education related search company by the founder of The Princeton Review.

We get it; school can be a drag. Between the all-night study sessions, group projects, and research papers, it’s easy for even the most organized of students to burn out. To remind you of the wonders of collegiate academia, Noodle Education has compiled a list of courses that break the mold.

From Fermented Beverages at Michigan State University to Magic and Witchcraft in Pre-Modern Europe at Davidson College, the classes apply academic discourse to topics that usually get snubbed in course offerings. Not only are they interesting in and of themselves, but they’re also a refreshing reminder that learning happens all the time, and it’s not always about preparing for your future job.

View the full post, “Top 10 Most Interesting College Courses,” on the Noodle Education page, and then tell us in the comments below: what was the most offbeat course you’ve taken in college.