Here’s The #1 Internship Program In The US—And The Full List Of Top 100 Internship Program Winners

Liam Berry
Here’s The #1 Internship Program In The US—And The Full List Of Top 100 Internship Program Winners

WayUp 100 Top Internship Program List

It’s finally here.

WayUp, a panel of expert judges, and—of course—voters like YOU have spoken: The definitive list of Top 100 Internship Programs and the winner of the illustrious #1 spot have been announced.

So, who won out in the end?

The title of 2018’s #1 Internship Program belongs to the legendary consulting firm KPMG. Check out the full list of winners here.

How They Were Selected

Thousands of companies run internship programs every year, and more than 590 of the best programs were considered for the Top 100 list.

30 percent of the decision was up to the voting public. And nearly 25,000 people—including interns, former interns, program managers, and happy bosses—made their voices heard.

The rest was up to a panel of industry expert judges who gathered and assessed information about the programs. Some of the factors they were judged on included diversity, conversion rates from internships to full-time roles, special initiatives that make the program unique, and—an incredibly important attribute—whether they PAY THEIR INTERNS. In fact, we’re proud to say that 100 percent of the companies on the Top 100 list pay their interns!

These values (and many more) represent what make internship programs great: They demonstrate the best of how the working world operates and paint an even brighter picture of what the future can be.

After all, people like Meghan Markle, Evan Spiegel, Kanye West, and Anderson Cooper all started as interns. Why shouldn’t you?

Why KPMG Is America’s #1 Internship Program

KPMG runs the gold standard of internship programs. KPMG recruits from and actually hires a diverse slate of candidates with a host of backgrounds, experiences, and points-of-view. The company has one of the top programs for high-quality interns receiving return offers, and it compensates its interns with standard-setting pay and amazing benefits (like its awesome office spaces and networking events).

But KPMG does even more than that. It hosts a National Intern Training that brings all of its interns to one location for technical and soft skills training, and the opportunity to network, meet the firm’s leadership, and participate in community service. KPMG’s Global Internship Program, moreover, lets interns experience different cultures and ways of doing business by immersing themselves in a member office for half (!) of their internship.

KPMG even offers a “Build Your Own Internship” program for interns who want to get experience in more than just one of their divisions. This shows just how committed the company is to the spirit of learning and discovery.

So, congratulations to all those internship programs who made the WayUp Top 100 list! Thanks for being a critical part of the college experience and bringing the next generation into the working world.

If you want to be a part of KPMG’s (or any other) Top 100 Internship Program, check out the winners and their company profiles on WayUp!