Top 3 Soft Skills Employers Want You to Have

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Top 3 Soft Skills Employers Want You to Have

Your GPA and resume may help you land the interview, but they won’t be enough to get you the job. Employers, 77% in fact, also want you to have soft skills to ensure you’re a well-rounded candidate.

When you’re invited to interview, employers will expect you to provide them with real-world examples. They’ll be looking for past experiences and training programs that demonstrate your ability to effectively work with coworkers to create incredible outcomes, help solve problems and communicate new ideas and strategies well.

As a top leadership development program, City Year provides more than 3,000 AmeriCorps members (ages 18-25) each year with 11 months of intensive skill-building to gain those top 3 soft skills.


By working in diverse teams of 8-15 young adults for the duration of the year, you’ll learn to collaborate as a team to help students and schools succeed as well as learn how to value diverse perspectives and resolve conflicts in constructive ways.

City Year alum Staci Carney says her soft skills showed her the value of “working on a team of diverse people” and taught her to respect the “differences in people’s backgrounds and skills to achieve a goal.” Her soft skills ultimately helped her to land her dream job as a Consultant at Deloitte.

top 3 soft skills employers want you to have


By working in under-resourced schools and with students who are at-risk of falling behind their peers academically, you’ll learn how to think critically, solve problems and make well-informed, ethical decisions to help students reach their full potential.


By interacting with students, teachers, school administrators, parents, community members and other AmeriCorps Members, you’ll become an expert at clearly and effectively articulating your thoughts and ideas orally and in writing, as well as how to tailor them to each specific audience.

City Year’s 22,500+ alumni go on to work in fields like business, entrepreneurship, medicine, social work, education, and more. If you want to make an impact and get ready for the next big step in your career, apply to be a City Year AmeriCorps Member today.