Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Graduation

Aaron Rudman-Hawkins, Contributor
Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Graduation

With the spring semester just getting underway, it might seem like graduation is still pretty far away. After all, you have a whole semester — and spring break — before you need to think about getting your diploma, but the truth is that senior year goes by fast and graduation will be here before you know it. So, how can you prepare for graduation?

Here are the top five things you need to know before you’re ready to put on your cap and gown.

1. The ceremony goes by really fast

Okay, so we’re not talking about the day itself — although that does go by in a bit of a blur. What we mean is the part where you need to walk up on stage and collect your diploma. It passes in a flash and before you know it, you’ve graduated. An important tip: Tell yourself that nothing bad will happen and it won’t. You’ll worry less about tripping over your gown as soon as you realize that it doesn’t happen that frequently. If you’re feeling anxious, try these breathing techniques before you get up on stage.

2. Planning your outfit is crucial

Since you already know that you’ll be wearing a cap and gown, you might be tempted not to think of your outfit until the last minute, but you definitely should! No one wants to look back at their graduation photos and cringe, so making sure that you love your outfit is a great way to set yourself up for an awesome day.

3. Celebrate your achievements

This is your chance to celebrate all the great things you’ve done over the past four years — from the amazing friends you made, to the classes you took and everything you’ve learned along the way. Take a few minutes to reflect back on all the great experiences you’ve had and be proud of yourself for achieving so much during your time in college.

4. Get organized

You’ve spent months and years putting your all into your studies, so don’t let that fall by the wayside at the last minute. Instead, spend some time planning for the day. Think about what you might need to take with you and double check your bag before you head off. Consider taking tissues, sunglasses (if it’s warm and bright) and maybe even a change of clothes if you’re going for a celebratory drink afterwards.

5. You’ll cherish these memories for a long time to come

You’re going to remember this day for years to come. To make it even more special, don’t forget to take lots of pictures and consider bringing a notebook and pen so that friends can write down their well wishes. Or, why not treat yourself or someone else to the ultimate keepsake? An autograph frame that friends can sign — you’ll be glad you thought ahead and bought one.

Keeping these tips in mind is a great way to guarantee an awesome graduation day and when you’re ready to move on to the next step and look for a job, you’ll be able to find one in no time.

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