Top 10 STEM Companies Hiring Right Now On WayUp

Liam Berry
Top 10 STEM Companies Hiring Right Now On WayUp

Scientists, engineers, programmers, and math geeks unite! It’s STEM Awareness Month on WayUp and we’re doing everything we can to get STEM majors and recent grads just like you into the amazing jobs and internships hiring right now.

While nearly all of WayUp’s thousands of companies require STEM talent in one form or another, there are a few that truly thrive off of their elite teams of programmers, engineers, scientists, and data whizzes.

Some of those companies include engineering firms working on deep space tech and tech companies building the future of VR. Where will you find your STEM dream job?

1. BlackRock

BlackRock is the perfect company for all kinds of STEM talent. It’s a tech-centric financial services firm with an eye for innovation. It works in asset management and uses next-generation Financial Technology (FinTech) in both the investment and customer sides of the business.

Programmers, analysts, economists, and more are all considered STEM talent, and they’re the bulk of the BlackRock business model.

For fun facts, videos, and amazing opportunities check out BlackRock on WayUp!

2. Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the leading manufacturer of high-tech, innovative science equipment. The team at Thermo Fisher makes everything from DNA sequencing machines for forensics labs to biological time machines that read 800,000-year-old ice cores.

Thermo Fisher is looking for scientists and engineers right now to help them build the future for the people building the future.

For fun facts, videos, and amazing opportunities check out Thermo Fisher on WayUp!

3. Avanade

Avanade is a consulting firm like no other. With a focus specifically on the value of utilizing just the right business technology solution, Avanade is able to deliver highly-specific, useful results to all of its clients. Working for Avanade means getting to know the ins and outs of tons of different industries—while sharpening your business and tech skills along the way.

Want a jet-setting career in consulting? Check out fun facts, videos, and amazing opportunities from Avanade on WayUp!

4. Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is an aerospace, defense, and aeronautics company that handles massive contracts for both the federal government and select private clients. Lockheed builds everything from airships to the upcoming Mars Base Camp (yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like).

Projects like these require the brightest, most innovative minds available. And don’t worry, Lockheed provides plenty of training to its interns and new hires, so no prior experience as a rocket scientist is necessary.

Check out fun facts, awe-inspiring videos, and amazing job opportunities from Lockheed Martin on WayUp!

5. Citi

Citi is a household name in global financial services. Members of the Citi team invest, bank, code, predict, and do everything else required of elite finance and technology leaders.

Obviously, a financial services firm with a reputation like Citi’s is an excellent place for math and finance students, but few know that the company is also a top spot for tech talent, too. With an open mobile API, healthy relationship with startup culture, and a massive budget for innovative FinTech, the Citi FinTech team is basically every programmer’s dream company.

Check out fun facts, videos, and amazing opportunities from Citi on WayUp!

6. EY

EY is one of the world’s top accounting firms. It offers accounting, assurance, tax, and advisory (read: management consulting) services to some of the best companies around the world.

EY needs all sorts of math-inclined, analytical minds for its regular offerings. However, the company also looks for people with tech backgrounds because of its industry-leading application of digital tools.

Plus, it’s an amazing company to work for. It’s got incredible benefits, salaries, and standard-setting training and development.

Check out fun facts, videos, and amazing opportunities from EY on WayUp!

7. Dell

Next up is Dell. It’s an amazing tech company, of course. It’s sold billions of dollars in business and productivity-centric computers and related equipment. However, it’s also a perfect place to work if you’re someone with a tech background and the charisma of a salesperson.

Right now, Dell is looking for people just like this for its technology sales program. And, before you scroll past this thinking, ‘I know what sales is and it’s not for me,’ think again. Sales at Dell is nothing like you imagined. Don’t believe us? Watch this video: Here’s how Dell is changing what it means to work in sales. 

Check out fun facts, videos, and amazing opportunities from Dell on WayUp!

8. Nasdaq

Nasdaq is a true hybrid of tech and finance. It started out as the first electronic stock exchange in 1971. It’s since become a leading global expert in financial markets and technology to drive innovation in business and tech.

If you’re a future-minded, tech passionate person (or vice versa), then you might be a perfect candidate for Nasdaq’s internship program.

The best part? If you apply on WayUp, a recruiter will schedule a guaranteed phone interview within 24 hours.

Check out fun facts, videos, and all the incredible internship opportunities from Nasdaq on WayUp!

9. Sierra Nevada Corporation

Sierra Nevada Corporation is in the world’s coolest industry: top secret tech. So, the SNC team makes spy satellites for intelligence groups, defense tech for the military, and even deep-space habitats for NASA.

SNC is looking for engineers, analysts, project managers, and programmers to join the team.

Check out fun facts, videos, and amazing opportunities from SNC on WayUp.

10. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has always been a leader in seamless international finance. It’s a multicultural, multinational finance firm with a unified message: Make a positive impact. Deutsche Bank agents are also critical assistants to clients accomplishing amazing things like medical robo-suits and commuter railways.

It’s also a leader in innovative FinTech solutions—something Deutsche Bank interns actually get to work on.

Want to start a career in finance with impact and important work? Check out fun facts, videos, and amazing opportunities from Deutsche Bank on WayUp.

Don’t See Your Dream Company?

WayUp hosts thousands of employers on its entry-level and internship job platform. If your dream company wasn’t on this, but you’re still hoping to work in a STEM role there, don’t sweat it.

Explore the Top Companies page on WayUp to find your dream job at your dream office. Happy hunting, STEM folks!