A Letter to Boston, the Comeback Kid of Tech Cities

Alyssa Greenfield
A Letter to Boston, the Comeback Kid of Tech Cities
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Dear Boston,

You might feel overlooked as a tech capital sometimes, but don’t worry, we know the real story. So many brilliant, game-changing ideas got their start in Boston (and your dorm rooms in Mark Zuckerberg’s case). The companies and employees that call Boston home are working to disrupt entire industries on a daily basis, from robotics to healthcare to the way we use the internet. That’s not something you’ll find in most cities. Heck, MIT has an entire museum dedicated to incredible thinking.

Beyond that, the culture you’ve built around tech might be the most collaborative one we’ve ever seen. You even have HubWeek, an annual festival that brings all of your brilliant people and their brilliant ideas together to share their work with the rest of the city. I mean, look at this festival description. C’mon now:

“An unparalleled concentration of brainpower, ingenuity, and creativity. A shared belief that collaboration accelerates innovation. A festival built by a community of smart, creative and curious people–for smart, creative and curious people. People like you.”

That’s enough to make even the most cynical among us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

You also had a big year last year, Boston, with startups popping up all over the place, from e-commerce and gaming to software and on-demand services companies. Oh, and no biggie but GE announced it was moving its HQ from Connecticut to your Seaport district last year. Uprooting your HQ of more than 40 years is the sincerest form of flattery, you know. The tides are changing, Boston. Just ask these inspiring entrepreneurs. They’ll probably say they believed in your potential all along.  

So here’s to you, Boston. We have a feeling your legacy as a tech capital is just getting started.

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