Turn Negative Thoughts Around

Katelyn Hare
Turn Negative Thoughts Around

Sometimes, in the midst of our busy day-to-day lives, we tend to think thoughts that affect us in positive or negative ways. Most of the time, it is negative thoughts that cause us stress and anxiety. If we change those thoughts around, we can change this.

Here are some negative thoughts you should stop thinking.

Everybody Has to Like Me

Why this is bad: Going out of your way to make everyone like you is a lot of work. It puts pressure on you to want to please everyone. You’ll soon find yourself going out of your way for everyone instead of focusing on your own work. Not everyone is going to like you, and you can’t change someone’s mind no matter how hard you try.
What to think instead: I’m going to be myself and not worry about other people’s thoughts and opinions.
Remember: Just by being your true, genuine self, others will naturally like you.

Making Mistakes is Terrible

Why this is bad: If you’re always afraid of making mistakes, you will put yourself through a lot of unnecessary stress. Everyone makes mistakes; there’s no avoiding them, so don’t stress out about the inevitable.
What to think instead: I’m going to do my best and learn from my mistakes.
Remember: In order to grow and learn, you have to fail.

I Should Be Better Than Others

Why this is bad: When you carry this mindset, you don’t let others give you advice, and you could be missing out on a lot of wisdom that you could use down the road.
What to think instead: I want to find mentors and learn from them.
Remember: There’s always going to be someone better than you. You should always learn as much as you can from others.

I Must Never Show Any Weakness

Why this is bad: If you never show weakness or ask for help, then you have to do everything by yourself, which tends to be overwhelming. Others are glad to lend a helping hand and they feel good about helping you fill your weak spots.
What to think instead: I will be open and honest about my weak points, so I can work on them. I will ask for help.
Remember: You are not in this alone. There will always be others that will be willing to lend a hand when things get overwhelming.

Negative thoughts can lead your mind to a bad place. They can give you anxiety and stress and leave you feeling hopeless. Don’t let your mind dictate where your days go. Turn negative thoughts around.

What are some other ways to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts?