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3 Reasons Under Armour’s Summer League Is the Internship Program You Need to Join

Published on January 10, 2017

3dp_archatech_underarmour_logo This article is sponsored by Under Armour, which is hiring Business & Operations Interns and Technology & Product Development Interns for its Summer League on WayUp now.

Already thinking about what you want to be doing this summer? Drop everything else you were looking at and trust us with this one: the Under Armour Summer League is calling your name!

Under Armour hosts this intense 12-week program at its Baltimore headquarters from mid-May through mid-August every year. It provides hands-on experiences for students interested in a number of departments, from marketing to supply chain, and it also gives them the mentorship and support they need to propel their careers forward.

Once you read our top three reasons why it’s so great and then pick your jaw off the floor, head to WayUp and apply to Under Armour’s Business & Operations Internship and Technology & Product Development Internship listings now.

1. You Become a Real Part of the Team


Whether you’re working on the greatest marketing campaign with the design team or figuring out package logistics with the supply chain crew, every department at Under Armour takes its interns seriously, providing them with hands-on work that leaves them with incredible career opportunities and a pretty sick addition to their resumes (hey, having a major brand name under your work experience is no joke!).

2. You Receive Professional Development and an Awesome Summer Experience


First and foremost, Under Armour has a special speaker series specifically for interns that’s dedicated to bringing in the biggest names at the company and in the sports world to UA HQ.

One year, for example, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank dropped by with the Superman himself Cam Newton, whom you may recall is the Carolina Panthers quarterback as well as one of the most impressive players in the game right now. Talk about a casual week at the office.

In addition to giving students great professional development, Under Armour makes sure that its interns get to enjoy their summer and also give back; there are numerous community service opportunities and trips to see the sights for students to take advantage of.

3. You Can Access All of Under Armour’s Facilities


Sure, your friends interning at other companies might get to use the department coffee machine whenever they want, but try this on for size: Under Armour lets you take advantage of its state-of-the-art fitness facilities like giant football fields and training arenas to push yourself to your physical and mental limits.

When you’re not working, you’re training with equipment and in facilities that world-class athletes like Michael Phelps and Misty Copeland use. Your buddies might get free coffee, but you get to shoot hoops where Stephen Curry does.

We don’t know about you, but we wish we could go back to college and apply to Under Armour’s Summer League ourselves. If you want to get that opportunity, now’s your chance: UA is looking for its next batch of Business & Operations Interns and Technology & Product Development Interns on WayUp right now!

Lily Herman WayUp Staff

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