Underclassmen Hangout Video: Expert Internship Advice From Facebook, Google and Twitter

Jenny Xie
Underclassmen Hangout Video: Expert Internship Advice From Facebook, Google and Twitter

As many of you know, InternMatch recently hosted an Underclassmen Internship hangout with the Heads of College Recruiting from Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

The event was a huge success and the speakers shared some of the most nuanced and invaluable bits of internship advice that we have ever heard. Topics ranged from how to create a compelling story within your resume, to how to network using your peer and college contacts, to what kind of work you can do as a first year student to start feeling out the professional world.

Since many students weren’t able to join the day of the event, we are posting the video in its entirety below:

While we highly recommend watching the full video, we also pulled out a few key takeaways below:

1) Getting internship experience as a freshman or a sophomore is highly encouraged.

The sooner you can get practical experience, the better. Since younger students generally don’t have much professional experience, companies look for candidates based on extracurricular activities that show your abilities (hint: these are the kinds of things that should be on your resume!).

2) Take courses that you are passionate about.

Make sure you have the basics down first, but the classes you take should be something you can get fired up about.

 3) Tell a story in your resume.

Your resume should include your education and relevant coursework, but it should also tell employers about your skills and extracurricular activities. Make your resume shine with your passions.

Include a cover letter with your interests that highlights your personality. The cover letter often is a light introduction to your resume, it’s your first chance to make a written impression, so make it yours.

4) Make it personal.

Talk to students who have already interned at the company you want to work for. Attend a hangout or information session that the company is attending. Use social media to reach out to recruiters and alumni from your school who work at the company. Introduce yourself and talk about why you want to work there.

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