Here’s How This Company Makes Sure Every Woman Knows Her Value

Here’s How This Company Makes Sure Every Woman Knows Her Value
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We know it’s important for you to work for an organization that believes in the same values that you do. If gender equality is one of the most important movements in your life, we have the perfect company for you: Unilever, which is empowering women to go into leadership roles and achieve their goals.

They Took the White House Equal Pay Pledge

In August 2016, Unilever, the company behind rockstar brands like Dove, Axe and Ben & Jerry’s, became one of 29 companies to sign the White House Equal Pay Pledge, where they committed to conducting an annual company-wide gender pay report, reviewing hiring and promotion processes to ensure that there’s no bias or structural barriers, and making sure that equal pay efforts are part of larger equality initiatives amongst its teams. In simple terms, all employees will be paid equally.

By doing this, Unilever is actively including women in the workforce and promoting them up through its ranks. The company is already at 49% gender balance for managerial roles and above, but it still strives to lead conversations on gender, equity and inclusion.

They Make Sure Men Are Part of the Conversation, Too

Moreover, Unilever understands that men should be involved in the conversations and actions around gender equality and empowerment for women.  Unilever partnered with He For She to more actively bring men into the conversation around issues women face in the workplace and empower them to directly contribute to the solutions and support their female counterparts in the office and even in our customer base. Through this organization-wide movement, Unilever has opened up the conversation around gender diversity to all people in the office.

More specifically, Unilever is particularly interested in gender diversity at all levels of the company, from new hires and managers to senior leaders and board members. In fact, the organization has a personal customer-facing goal to empower five million women by 2020, and it’s leaning on the men in its workforce to help with and lead the initiative.

They Promote More Gender Equality in the Industry

Additionally, Unilever strives to do good for gender equity outside of its company too. In the past, its executives have advocated for more gender-equal ads for women that eliminate bias and stereotypes against women as part of the #SeeHer campaign, challenging every advertiser in the industry to think more critically about the messaging they create.  

Unilever also helped to change the conversation about women’s image through the Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign: a collection of authentic images that beautifully portrayed real women. Talk about making a media splash. This most-talked about campaign gave women confidence in a whole new way.  And they’re helping men bust stereotypes too. The Axe Find Your Magic campaign is a perfect example of bringing men into the conversation around how both men and women are stereotyped in their interactions with each other.

Does Unilever sounds like a company that believes in gender equality like you do? Now’s your time to join them: They’re hiring full-time, interns and co-op participants on WayUp now!