Can You Guess Where this UPS Employee is Now?

Alyssa Greenfield
Can You Guess Where this UPS Employee is Now?
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Ready for a little game? Below are nine facts about a current UPS employee. Read through and see if you can guess what he does at UPS today.

  1. This person studied business at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. 
  2. He was the first person in his family to go to college, but didn’t have enough money to live on campus.
  3. He got a part-time job loading UPS trucks at night to pay for dates with his girlfriend. He made up for lost sleep with naps in his school’s student lounge during the day.
  4. After college, he stayed in Mississippi and became a UPS driver.
  5. Since then, he’s worked in several states, including Tennessee, New Jersey, Arizona and Atlanta.
  6. One of the things that impressed him most about his company was how much employees could achieve when they worked as a team to deliver on-time packages.
  7. He was so interested in how the company worked that he committed to learning about every part of it.
  8. He credits a mentor at UPS as one of the biggest factors for his success.
  9. His last last promotion was in 2014.

Think you know who he is?

His name is David Abney and he’s the CEO of UPS. Before that, he was the company’s Chief Operating Officer and President of UPS International. He also oversaw the company’s aviation division at one point in his career. But before all of that, he was spending his nights loading UPS trucks while attending Delta State University. His company believes strongly in promoting from within, and Abney is a living example of that philosophy.

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