6 Reasons Why Tutoring Will Make Your College Experience (And Life) Better

Liam Berry
6 Reasons Why Tutoring Will Make Your College Experience (And Life) Better
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Everyone wants to get the most out of college. There are new friends to be made, a billion things to learn, and even more things to figure out about yourself. But that’s one of the biggest problems that college students have: finding a balance between everything you want to do.

Weirdly enough, sometimes adding something to your plate can actually make everything else more manageable. That’s the case when you start tutoring with a company like Varsity Tutors.

Here are six reasons why working for Varsity Tutors will actually make your college experience (and your life) better.

1. You’ll Become A Better Student

You’ve probably heard that the best way to learn is to teach—and this is especially true when it’s your job to make someone else understand. If you’re a tutor with Varsity Tutors, you can work with other students across the country to help them better understand the material for hard subjects like organic chemistry, Chinese, calculus, American history, and just about anything you can think of.

If you’re tutoring other students at the college level, you’re basically getting paid to study for your subject. Even if you’re teaching high school or middle school students, you’ll still be constantly practicing the fundamentals of your subject. By teaching others, you’ll learn to better organize your note and review material efficiently—and this can really come in handy when it comes to exam season.

2. Your Communications Skills Will Greatly Improve—And That Matters Everywhere

Teaching isn’t just knowing stuff, it’s telling that stuff to other people in a way they can truly understand. That’s an art that requires both an excellent understanding of the material and practice.

One of the best ways to learn public speaking and effective communication is to practice speaking confidently about something you really know—like your favorite subject or major.

3. Tutoring Looks Great On Your Resume

When you’re in college, your resume can look pretty bare. Between the camp counseling jobs and the volunteering at the animal shelter (and perhaps an internship), it’s nice to have something more concrete that relates both to your field of study and legitimate business responsibilities.

Tutoring shows you’re trustworthy, responsible, smart, and ambitious. All of those are traits that stand out to recruiters and hiring managers everywhere.

4. You’re Learning To Run Your Own Business

And when you tutor with Varsity Tutors, you’re essentially running your own tutoring business. It’s up to you to maintain relationships with clients, manage your time and tasks, and—of course—turn a profit.

It’s a great side hustle, and once you get your tutoring business off the ground (with a ton of help from the amazing team at Varsity Tutors), there’s no limit to what your next venture could be. Maybe you’ll become a freelance coder, marketer, or artist. Once you get a taste for making money your way, it’s hard to give it up.

5. Make Money On Your Own Schedule

Making money is great for a ton of reasons. College is expensive. Going out is expensive. Basically everything fun costs money. Plus, asking your parents or dipping into your birthday money every time you want to buy cool jeans or go to a fun concert can be pretty embarrassing.

However, getting a part-time job or internship can really suck up your time and energy, and end up negatively affecting your grades. That’s why college students need a more flexible way to make money.

Tutoring with Varsity Tutors means working on your schedule, whenever you can or want to, so that you can achieve a healthy balance in your life.

6. You’re Not Just Helping Yourself

College is all about you, which is great. It’s about your learning, your future, yourself. And you totally deserve it. However, it can be nice to remember there’s a world of people who aren’t you—and that you can actually do something to help them.

Tutoring helps other people learn, succeed, and grow. Whether you’re giving a peer assistance or helping a child pass a math test for which they’ve been studying hard, you’re going to walk away with a sense of accomplishment that’s bigger than just you. Even this small taste of purpose and value can add a lot to your perspective, self confidence, and worldview.

Who knows? Maybe helping someone with a test is the first good deed in a line of many.

The Best Part? You Can Start Right Now

Getting started with Varsity Tutors doesn’t mean a lengthy application and interview process. With Varsity Tutors advanced tutoring tech, you’re able to get ramped up and tutoring quickly. Then you can watch this list start to come true.

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