Video: What does an AXE Brand Manager do?

Video: What does an AXE Brand Manager do?
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These Unilever BRAND MANAGERS are responsible for getting AXE products into grocery stores across the country.

Unilever has a simple but clear purpose – to make sustainable living commonplace. They believe this is the best long-term way for the business to grow.

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Kevin: From a brand manager standpoint it’s probably the closest you can get to really being be the center spoke of wheel and working a little bit on everything.

Sophie: It’s definitely challenging at times but it’s really cool to see everything come together at the end

Kevin: I think the that Unilever’s is actually a house of brands right is something as kind of not always thought about. You’ll think about the Axe company or the Dove company, but actually we are all working at Unilever.

Sophie: I was looking to marketing like throughout business school and really liked the idea of something more entrepreneurial that was both creative and quantitative.

Kevin: So there are two ways that we look at marketing and Unilever. There’s local marketing and then there’s global marketing. so I work from the local side where I’m very close to day and a P&L. So are we performing. How much are we selling. How much profit are we actually making.

Sophie: I love interacting with people so working with all sorts of different people and they’re kind of the experts in their field.

Kevin: I have individual goals for my campaign is on your campaign meeting its business case. But also are you pushing the brand in certain areas so you know you may be doing well and how that brand situated now, but are you pushing us from a digital standpoint or are you making sure that we’re hitting our target customers.

Sophie: Everyone knows what AXE is when you talk about it, it’s a huge brand. So it’s really fun to work on and see like a different part of personal care and what male grooming is like.

Kevin: Well I mean ultimately I’m a competitive person.

Kevin: So to be in a space where you don’t live in a vacuum like you live in this fluid environment where there’s always something happening I think it’s something that you Unilever cherishes because that’s the nature of what it is that you want to do want to compete. You want to make sure that you’re working on a business that successful.