Video: Unilever Scientists Guess Their Products

Video: Unilever Scientists Guess Their Products
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Believe it or not, you can work on the Unilever R&D Team.

Fun Fact: Unilever offers seriously cool benefits like flexible working environment, on-site gym and Tigi salon, well-being incentives, and all-you-can-eat ice cream.


Feels like Play-Doh. I feel like I’m making a mess I know, I’m very confused by this texture I smell it. So I am an associate scientist I actually just started two months ago because I was an intern last summer and I got an offer full time back this year.

Usually every day I either batch different prototypes research for different technologies that we can use to incorporate into our product. And similarly I also batch a lot of formulations mine are less so prototypes at this stage however mine are still formulations that I make on the bench.

I like to think so. I use a lot of Unilever products at home and I also work here. I also like to think that I am, however I know like there is so much out there that Unilever has to offer in terms of like there’s like regional specific local specific products as well. I want to think I am I don’t really think I am

Just put it on? I shouldn’t have worn my eye make-up. OK. Can we smell it? Oh god. oh my Very cold. Yeah, very chilly. I have like glob in here. No. OK I know I’m not supposed to smell but I can kind of smell something. Oh it’s ice-cream?. Is that right? Breyers?

I think ice cream would be cool just because it’s so different. I’m more excited for like the taste test that you could do. Probably want to work on the mayonnaise team. You sure? I just like mayonnaise.

Oh, it’s mayonnaise. I smell it. This is definitely Hellman’s Mayonnaise. Feels like a Mayo. Yeah.

It’s warm. It hope it’s not mayo. Vaseline? Dove? So it is Dove? Oh, it is Dove? Cream oil body lotion? Oh my God. I was like like, I know there’s two one’s like tan and one’s brown. Smells Good. Can’t smell that mayo at all.

The chance that I can work in any product. I’m not just working on just body wash forever. They have it all so the opportunities are endless.