How WayUp Is Making Sure You Can Get Your Dream Job During The Pandemic

Liam Berry
How WayUp Is Making Sure You Can Get Your Dream Job During The Pandemic

With unemployment at a historic high and job offers getting rescinded for new grads, we know that planning for your future has never been harder. But even with stiff competition and fewer openings, there are still plenty of ways to get your dream job.

There are two important things to remember: 1) Companies are still hiring and 2) you can always make yourself a more competitive candidate.

From financial analyst to 3D animator—your dream job is still out there, and we’ve found a way for you to become an even better candidate for it.

Make Yourself More Qualified With WayUp’s Education Tech Partners

While many students and recent grads are likely to groan at the idea of more classes, tests, and grades, these organizations offer way more than an average college class. In fact, all of these educators offer specific, digital skill–based courses that will leave you armed with the right skills and certifications to qualify for jobs that would normally take years of experience.

Basically, you can take these courses to get better jobs at more competitive companies.

Why WayUp Chose These Partners

Normally, WayUp is in the business of helping you find, apply to, and interview for your dream job. But with so much uncertainty in the world, you might find yourself with some extra time this summer. So, we decided to expand what it means to help you on your journey to a great job.

If your internship or full-time offer got rescinded—or you’re just in the midst of an extended job search—now could actually be the perfect time to expand your skillset and get some concrete proof of it for your resume.

We’ve chosen these partners because they:

  1. Offer concrete digital skills courses relevant to some of the most interesting jobs and internships, and
  2. Are providing exclusive discounts for WayUp users.

The Best Education Platforms Offering Discounts To Users On WayUp

1. Pathstream

Pathstream’s mission is to help students gain the digital skills needed for careers in fast-growing fields like digital marketing, data analysis, project management, Salesforce administration and more. They even offer courses in Unity, a 3D video game engine. Pathstream works directly with leading tech companies to develop each curriculum to get you job-ready.

2. Springboard

Offering courses in data science and machine learning, Springboard can help you get certified in some of the most exciting fields in the job market.

Leveling Up Your Skill Set Is Always A Good Idea

Whether you’re looking to change your career entirely or need to gain that competitive edge for your job search, WayUp has your back. To check out more opportunities to bring your career to the next level, go to