WayUp Office Hours: The What & The Why!

Elana Widmann
WayUp Office Hours: The What & The Why!

Office Hours is WayUp’s signature (and totally FREE) event series, where we connect college students with industry experts. The events range from tech to sports and everything in between. Each event includes a moderated panel of industry leaders, networking, and a special activity only for office hours attendees.


– Our next event is being held on Tuesday, April 10th.


– Each event will host at least three panelists who are all-stars in the industry. These panelists will give insight about the industry of the night, tell students what they wished they’d known going into the field, surprises and challenges they’ve faced along the way, what a typical day at work looks like, and much more.

What to expect, and why you should go:

– A Q&A session of your dreams. These panelists are here because they want to be! This means ask all the questions in the world. Take this chance to ask burning questions about the trials and tribulations of the industry, why they stuck with it, what a typical first interview looks like, etc. Brainstorm beforehand, and feel free to stump them :).

– Networking galore. Again, these panelists are here for the students! They want to meet you, they want to hear your stories, and if you really turn on the charm, they may just hand out a business card and some email contacts.

– Professional headshots to use for your WayUp profile, and anything else you want! These usually cost big $$, so take advantage of a free one! #lifehack

– A chance to meet the mysterious and wonderful WayUp Team. At these events, you can usually chat with our CEO and Co-Founder, Liz, and a few other team members as well.

– Office Hours is not your average networking event. Each night will end with a fun activity.

– And last, but certainly not least, free food and drinks!!! (Non-alcoholic – sorry, kiddos.)

Wise words from past panelists:

“Follow your passion or take up a hobby in college, a dynamic person with many interests will be more successful in an interview than someone who memorized all the case studies” – Weston Gaddy, Bain Capital Ventures

“There is no such thing as a missed opportunity, I think if you miss one opportunity there will be another one right behind it and it will be just as important to your end career” – Caitlin Donovan, Christie’s.

“Taking risks early on teaches you a lot.” – Anu Duggal, Fcubed.

We are always planning new events…

What should the topics of our next WayUp Office Hours be? Perhaps sports, music, or health and wellness? Let us know which topics interest you most by emailing us at support@wayup.com.