Why hire college students for p/t jobs?

Why hire college students for p/t jobs?

We believe that college students make the best part-time employees… and you can reap the benefits from their hard work. Here’s how:

Save money:

College students often are okay with working for less pay, since they are eager to join the workforce and gain experience with you and your company! Plus, they’re typically less experienced than another person you may be interviewing, and often, less experience correlates with lower salary.

Hire people who will grow with you:

The long-term potential of molding a young college student into the future “Employee of the Year” at your company is high. By giving college students a chance to learn and grow from your knowledge and experience, you increase the chances of creating a reliable, trusting, and long-term work-relationship with them. 

Embrace their energy:

Bring fresh energy and motivation to your workplace! Team members will enjoy the youthful presence. College students are eager to impress and will work hard to prove themselves.

Utilize their generation’s skills (especially technological skills!):

Unlike other generations, today’s college students learned how to use an iPad before they learned how to walk. Technology is essentially an extension of their existence, and they have mastered the art of utilizing it in all aspects of life. So if your job involves any technology whatsoever (and let’s be honest, it’s uncommon to find a job that doesn’t), then hiring a college student will likely ensure that they have a decent amount of experience with technology, or at least are quick to learn about whatever technology you introduce them to.

So, the opportunity to shape and mold the perfect student is at your fingertips… What are you going to do?

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