Choosing a Major In Computer Science Could Mean a Higher Paying Salary

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Choosing a Major In Computer Science Could Mean a Higher Paying Salary

The rapid growth of the technology industry has led to many high-paying jobs in the field of computer science. According to Forbes, a salary survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, students who majored in computer science were among the top-paid graduates in the class of 2013. They had an average starting salary of $64,100, good for fourth on the list.

If you’re wondering what computer science salaries can look like, we’ve put together a list of five top positions in the industry. Salary information is from PayScale, unless otherwise noted.

Research and Development Manager, Computer Software

Role: A research and development manager oversees projects in the dynamic tech industry.

Responsibilities: Like the research and development engineer, the manager plays an important role in facilitating projects that are used for research purposes. The manager will coordinate these projects and ensure that deadlines are met. The manager will also make sure that the software meets quality standards.

Experience: In addition to a bachelor’s degree, several years of experience are needed to become a manager in research and development.

Salary: $120,360

Application Architect

Role: An application architect takes the lead for an organization’s software projects, serving as a consultant and a developer who takes on a broad range of responsibilities.

Responsibilities: The architect will come up with a concept and oversee projects until their completion. Responsibilities can include working with the direct project requirements, assigning tasks to technical staff, testing and modifying the application, training the organization and much more. In addition to the wide range of responsibilities that an application architect may have, this professional must be well-versed in new software technologies and web applications.

Experience: Employers typically like to see a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of application development experience.

Salary: $113,043

Applications Development Manager

Role: The applications development manager is responsible for planning, assigning and directing computer application projects.

Responsibilities: In this fast-paced role, the manager will coordinate all parties involved in creating new computer applications. Responsibilities include scoping the project, managing the budget, maintaining relationships among all parties, planning the project, testing, development and quality assurance. Other responsibilities include administrative functions such as staffing.

Experience: A bachelor’s degree with three to five years of experience is typically required from employers.

Salary: $102,837

Software Developer

Role: A software developer comes up with the applications that consumers use on a daily basis.

Responsibilities: Developing software requires knowledge of users’ needs, testing processes and how each piece of the software will come together for a pleasant user experience. The software developer will also give parameters to programmers, so that they can accurately write code for the software. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for software developers will increase 22 percent by 2022.

Experience: A bachelor’s degree is likely required.

Salary: $93,350 (BLS)

Research and Development Engineer, Computer Software

Role: A research and development engineer is a person who develops computer software that is used for research purposes.

Responsibilities: Since this position is based in research, it’s one that is focused on cutting-edge technology. The research and development engineer uses a variety of tools and languages that are appropriate and can enjoy the benefit of working in multiple industries. Travel is also common in order to keep up with the latest in software.

Experience: Research and development engineers will need at least a bachelor’s degree.

Salary: $88,410

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