7 Amazing Women in Tech Whose Careers are Just Getting Started

Alyssa Greenfield
7 Amazing Women in Tech Whose Careers are Just Getting Started

In celebration of Women in Tech Week presented by our friends at CommonBond, we’re putting the spotlight on seven young women who are on their way to becoming the tech leaders of the future.

These students and recent grads are already making waves in industries ranging from finance to consulting to biotech. Read on for their inspiring stories:

1. Back in high school, a guidance counselor told Nicole that a programming class would be too challenging for her. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen… Now she’s a software engineer at Capital One. (Read her Story)

2. As a R&D scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Jennifer’s work makes a direct impact on millions of lives. She helps develop products focused on curing diseases like diabetes and cancer. (Read her Story)

3. After graduating with a degree in Management Information Systems, Sophie landed a Technology Analyst role with Accenture. Now, she’s a crucial part of her team there, ensuring clear communication of technical projects between her client and her company’s developers. (Read her Story).

4. At Accenture Federal Services, Celia, Delaney, and Ashleigh help solve some of the biggest challenges for federal agencies in the United States and abroad. They get to work in areas like defense, public safety, health and intel. (Read their Stories)

5. As an IT intern at Scott’s Miracle-Gro, Kelly project managed a team of 16 other interns. Under her leadership, the team helped build new web applications and improve existing ones. (Read her story)

6. In college, Nancy sometimes doubted whether she belonged in the engineering program. Now, she’s the IT Lead for Global Transportation at Johnson & Johnson—just four years after graduating. (Read her story)

7. As a software engineer, Stephanie doesn’t just contribute to tech innovation at American Express. She also volunteers for a program that teaches middle school girls to code, empowering the next generation of female tech leaders. (Read her Story)

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