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Marketing Strategy Analyst

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Marketing Strategy Analyst

Atlanta, GA
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    The Marketing Strategy Senior Analyst gathers data and performs analyses necessary to develop and evaluate UPS’ Marketing Strategy. You'll consult with internal subject matter experts to assist in identifying the best approach to gathering information and solving business issues. This position conducts detailed external analysis to help develop a current and future view of markets. In addition, the Marketing Strategy Senior Analyst provides information on current UPS capabilities and performance including profiles of current UPS customers. You'll also responsible for summarizing and communicating the results of the analyses to key stakeholders throughout the organization. This position may manage Specialists and Administrative staff.

    The Marketing Strategy Senior Analyst develops subject matter expertise on internal and external sources of information (e.g., customer data, market data, industry data, etc.) for analyses to provide information for decision making. You'll develop Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analyses of key competitors to identify market advantages and disadvantages. This position prioritizes key trends to better understand and clarify UPS’s ability to reach growth targets.


    • Gains consensus from team members and other stakeholders on assumptions used in different analyses to ensure accuracy of analyses.
    • Consults with subject matter experts to develop a complete understanding of the relevant trends.
    • Understands how to use and access secondary data sources and in-house reporting tools (e.g., BIA, Data Warehouse, etc.) to gather data for analyses and decision making.
    • Visits customers to expand understanding of customer needs.
    • Evaluates and summarizes analyses to communicate appropriate information to stakeholders.
    • Works with Marketing Research on relevant customer related projects to gain insights into customer needs.
    • Provides insight to other marketing groups to help them creates a plan to position the correct value proposition for attractive customer segments to improve effectiveness of marketing initiatives.
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  • Qualifications


    • Develops Situational Assessments: Demonstrates familiarity with the UPS market planning process; assembles and interprets components of the situational assessment; describes the primary experience levers that customers value within area of responsibility; accurately defines the various lifecycle stages of a UPS customer or prospect (e.g., conversion, penetration, retention, win-back) and company strategies targeted to each stage.
    • Applies Problem Definition & Structuring Knowledge: Identifies key factors behind basic problems and establish a path to solve them; proposes approaches to solve more complicated problems; investigates and diagnoses anomalies in routine business results.
    • Develops Marketing Objectives and Strategies: Demonstrates understanding of the hierarchy, relationships, and required consistency between levels of objectives and strategies (corporate, marketing, and segment); identifies potential marketing objectives and strategies along with the rationale for each.
    • Applies Information Analysis & Solution Generation Knowledge: Familiar with primary information sources relevant to assigned area; utilizes computer-based analytical and information management tools in order to perform routine analysis; documents approach and findings; reviews results with others as appropriate.
    • Conducts Environmental Scanning: Maintains basic awareness of potential regulations that could impact product or segment; monitors emerging technologies and potential impact on the ways transportation and logistics companies serve customers.
    • Statistical Analysis: Demonstrates a basic knowledge of statistical terminology and understanding of analyses and/or tests (e.g. measures of central tendency, standard deviation, correlation, analysis of variance (ANOVA), simple linear regression, significance testing, etc.); displays the ability to calculate basic statistics.
    • Applies Economic Analysis and Forecasting Knowledge: Demonstrates understanding of UPS’s business and the economic factors that drive it; identifies economic indicators that correlate with industry, UPS, and segment business performance; develops basic forecasting models.
    • Project Management: Demonstrates understanding of implementation objectives, project plan, and one's role within a project; participates in the implementation of a project; provides timely, thorough, and concise updates for area of responsibility; identifies areas of risk and properly communicates them to the project manager.
    • Applies Service, Product, and Customer Technology Knowledge: Demonstrates a basic understanding of products, services, and customer facing technology solutions offered by UPS along with their features and business applications; describes general customer profiles targeted by the company.


    • Master's Degree – Preferred

    UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law

  • Industry
    Package/Freight Delivery
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