Brandstorm 2023

One Time
  • Responsibilities

    Be mentored by L'Oreal business experts, connect with recruiters, and win an all expenses paid internship in Paris, France -

    The ultimate innovation case competition #Brandstorm2023 is BACK!

    Brandstorm is a worldwide innovation case competition open to everyone across all schools, majors, degree programs, etc. from ages 18 – 30 where you will have the opportunity to come up with an unconventional solution to our competition mission to win!

    Your Mission:

    We are inviting you to invent augmented products, services, experiences, or solutions, empowered by new technologies to change the landscape of beauty & how our customers experience products.

    Interested to enroll?

    ++Steps to participate:++

    1) GET REGISTERED! Click "Apply" on WayUp and then complete the registration form on L'Oréal's website.

    2) Create your 3 person team! You will need to find two other teammates - from either your university or beyond - and do not worry if you don't have a team, you can join students from around the US on the community platform.

    3) Submit your project by March 3rd.

    • Create a solution for the business case. The more creative the better!
    • Submit a 5-minute video pitch and 3 slides by March 3rd to be potentially selected as a USA National Finalist.

    4) US National Finals: Top voted teams will be selected to compete in front of L'Oréal USA Senior Executives at USA National Finals virtually. You will be coaches for 4 weeks by one of our business leaders on everything from pitch decks, ideation and bringing your idea to life.

    Final Step: The USA National Finals Winner will then pitch their projects to global executives in Paris to win an all-expenses paid trip to Paris to work on your project together with L'Oréal experts.

  • Industry
    Consumer Goods
  • Fun Fact
    L’Oréal owns a number of men's product lines, including Baxter of California which is a fast growing brand in men's grooming.
  • About Us

    At L'Oréal, we prove that there is no single and unique model of beauty, but an infinite diversity of forms of beauty linked to periods, culture, history, and personalities. L'Oréal offers a diverse portfolio of products with more than 35 International brands sold through multiple distribution channels, both traditional and digital. We are committed to building diverse and inclusive teams to ensure its products meet the needs and aspirations of every form of beauty across the globe. Our diversity and inclusion fuel innovation, aspiration, and ambition and help L'Oréal create the beauty that moves the world.