2024 Remote Community Outreach Entry-level Jobs

If you live to help others and believe that making the world a better place starts right in your own community, then entry-level jobs in community outreach positions are for you. There are a variety of ways in which you can work in community outreach. Really, any job that has you helping your community in a way that will positively impact it, either right away or in the future, can be classed as a community outreach job. With that said, however, there are definitely some jobs in community outreach fields that are more common than others. Right now, for example, there are approximately 31,290 people working in individual and/or family services positions. There are many different job titles within this broad category, but these jobs typically involve working one-on-one with a troubled or at-risk person, such as a teenager from a bad neighborhood or a person who has recently been released from prison, or with an entire family that also has special needs. The average person working in individual and family services will earn a salary of around $59,770 per year, making this a type of job that’s not just personally rewarding, but financially as well. Many people with community outreach entry-level jobs also work in the community housing sector. These positions might have you managing or overseeing a low-income housing development, determining who is accepted into low-income housing programs, and/or working to improve the safety of low-income housing communities. Other common positions in this exciting field include emergency services, food assistance for low-income or homeless individuals, and disaster relief services. Check out the opportunities below!

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