2024 Culinary Entry-level Jobs in Tahoe, CA

If you love preparing food and coming up with delicious new recipes, then an entry-level job in culinary arts is for you. With the right training, you could even become the chef or head cook for a restaurant of your choice. With these positions, you can make a nice $40,630 per year just for doing something you love. Depending on where you work you might be responsible for creating new menu items or for simply following pre-designed recipes and creating standard menu options for diners. In addition to hands-on work with food, people with these jobs in culinary arts act as managers for the general kitchen staff and direct everything that goes on behind the scenes as food is prepared. Whether you have a culinary entry-level job as a chef or choose another position, you should know that you’ll generally have more freedom at independently owned restaurants. With chain restaurants, such as Olive Garden or Applebee’s, you usually have to follow the rules and the recipes set forth by the corporation. With smaller or locally owned restaurants, however, you can often play around with recipes and create your own dishes, something that many chefs enjoy. It is this love for freedom and cooking-creativity that inspires many people to bypass all the typical beginning culinary jobs and to open their own restaurants. If your restaurant is successful and if you’re able to juggle being a chef, a manger, and a business owner, you can enjoy creating your own schedule and earning around $48,130 or more per year.

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