2024 Remote Education Entry-level Jobs

If you’re looking for a job that’s rewarding and that will help you to grow as a person, then you should consider an education entry-level job. When most people think of education jobs, they think of teachers, and while teachers certainly make up a large percentage of the education field, there are many other opportunities as well. If you do have your heart set on teaching, however, you should know that the rumors of bad pay and poor treatment aren’t all true. In fact, the average kindergarten or elementary school teacher makes a decent $51,380 per year and, despite what you may have heard, there’s not really a shortage of jobs. As of 2010, there were about 1,655,800 positions available for kindergarten and elementary school teachers alone. Many people start out as teachers but eventually move on to other jobs in education, including administrative positions. However, it is possible to secure administrative positions as entry-level jobs in education. In fact, many school systems and schools actually prefer to hire fresh, enthusiastic administrators who are not jaded about the educational system and who have always had an interest in administration rather than in becoming educators themselves. The average elementary or high school administrator, regardless of past experience, will make an average salary of $90,800 per year! One of the best things about positions in the education industry is that they are available in many different environments or settings. While elementary or high schools are common workplaces for many in the education sector, you could also find yourself working at a college or university, in a residential care facility, as a set tutor for young actors, or really anywhere where teaching and learning take place.

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