2024 Finance Entry-level Jobs in Tahoe, CA

Do entry-level jobs in finance appeal to you? If so, then what kinds of jobs are you interested in? Deciding what type of positions you’d like to go after is the first step toward securing finance jobs, and the reason it’s important to do so is because there are so many different positions available within the industry. You could be a financial analyst, a financial advisor, a financial manager, a bank teller, a financial examiner, an accountant, or any of a vast number of roles. Having this much choice is a wonderful thing, but it’s also wise to know your own strengths and to focus your career toward a particular subset of the financial industry. Those with an interest in entry-level jobs in finance will be happy to find that there is no shortage of opportunities within the financial sector. As of 2012, there were 95,660 people employed as accountants and/or auditors; 328,030 employed in insurance sales; 255,270 employed as loan officers; a whopping 316,410 employed as securities or commodities agents; and around 534,100 financial tellers! Average salaries for those involved in these professions vary widely, with most earning somewhere between $25,780 and $100,950 per year. Another piece of good news for those seeking jobs in finance is that there are many different places in which to work. The vast majority of financial professionals are employed by private organizations, but there are also positions in public organizations and in local, state, and federal government. The sooner you can start exploring your options, the sooner you can land the position you want.

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