2024 Remote Hotel Entry-level Jobs

Hotels employ a lot of people, and as such, entry-level jobs in hotels tend to be widely available. Finding the right hotel job is as simple as determining what you’re good at and matching that up with what you are qualified to do. If you have a degree in hospitality or a related field, you could end up becoming the general manager of a hotel. As a manager, you would be responsible for anything and everything related to the hotel. From making sure guests are happy and dealing with customer service issues to hiring employees to work at the establishment, hotel managers do it all! Fortunately, they are well-rewarded for their efforts and, in the United States, bring home an average yearly salary of $149,456. If you prefer to work behind the scenes, there are many other jobs in hotel services that might interest you. Those who like keeping things neat and tidy and creating a welcoming, inviting space for guests can go into housekeeping and/or laundry services. Though the work can be demanding, you can start out with a yearly salary of $20,124, and there’s more money to be made if you can move up and become the manager of housekeeping services or if you oversee multiple employees or facilities. Those with all the right connections and an insider knowledge of the city in which they’re working can apply to be a hotel concierge. This hotel entry-level job allows you to work directly with guests, providing them with information about the best places to eat or where to find some great live entertainment. You may even be responsible for setting up tickets to events or for arranging guest transportation. The starting salary is only around $16,262 annually, but you can make more if you have special skills or work for a more upscale establishment. These are just a few of many jobs in the industry. No matter what your background, training, or experience, there is definitely a hotel position for you!

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