2024 Remote Theatre Entry-level Jobs

Whether you enjoy working behind the scenes or being front-and-center, there are few jobs more exciting than entry-level jobs in theatre. Pretty much any creative position, such as actor, director, writer, or choreographer, is open to recent college graduates. You’ll have to audition for many of these jobs, so make sure you bring your A-game! When possible, have a thorough resume that includes any college or community productions you have been involved in, since this will showcase your experience and help to qualify you for more competitive jobs in theatre. You can find these types of positions through local, community, regional, and school theatre programs fairly easily. In order to work with professional theatre companies, however, you’ll usually need quite a few impressive credentials under your belt. For those people who prefer more low-key theatre entry-level jobs, there are still many positions available. If you don’t think you’d be good at playwriting, for example, but still want to be involved in the process, you could become a writer’s assistant. In addition to being the writer’s right-hand-man (or woman) and assisting with everything related to the development of and/or promotion of a particular script, you might also be called upon to do a little editing, both for grammar and content. Other possible theatre positions include sound transfer director or assistant, in which you help to deliver crystal-clear sound quality for a theatrical production; set painter or designer; production assistant; stage manager; and more. Many people also hold other jobs in addition to their theatrical work when they’re just starting out, but with enough skill and experience, you could eventually make your theatre job your full-time job!

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