2024 Remote Geology Entry-level Jobs

While there are a wide array of entry-level jobs in geology, it’s important to note that, despite their exact job title or descriptions, most geologists refer to themselves as geoscientists. Geoscientists typically choose one field of geology or a related science in which to specialize and, from there, may work as researchers, educators, and more. Some geoscientists work on their own, though the vast majority work in research groups or teams. These professionals can be employed through government agencies, state parks, gem mining facilities, schools, and gas and/or oil corporations to name a few. When most people think of jobs in geology, they think of actual geologists. People with these geology jobs work to study earth materials and the earth itself and to make exciting new discoveries about the history and future of our planet. There are also mineralogists, who are considered both geologists and geoscientists but who focus their energy on studying and learning about the earth’s minerals specifically. You also have paleontologists, who are focused on studying fossils; stratigraphers who study the stratified rock that makes up the earth; sedimentologists who study the earth’s sediments; geophysicists who apply principles of physics to better understand the earth and how it moves and functions; and many others. Though many geology entry-level jobs have been mentioned, there are still other possibilities! You could become a volcanologist, a glacial geologist, an engineering geologist, or even an oceanographer. It’s all about knowing what interests you most and then aggressively pursuing it!

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