2024 Remote Supply Chain Management Entry-level Jobs

Natural-born leaders often find that they fare quite well with entry-level jobs in supply chain management. Of course, before you can consider taking jobs in supply chain management, you have to understand what a supply chain is. Simply put, “supply chain” is a fancy term for the process that a marketable product goes through in moving from the supplier and/or manufacturer to the buyer. So, as a supply chain manager, you might be responsible for determining how, when ,and from whom to order new products, as well as how to get the product from the supplier or manufacturer to the distributor, and more. With supply chain management entry-level jobs, which are also known as logistician jobs, you can expect to earn an impressive $70,800 per year. In order to land supply chain management jobs and to earn that salary, however, you generally have to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. In some cases, though, an associate’s degree may be acceptable. The competition isn’t as fierce for these jobs as you might expect, and that’s because there are plenty of them to go around. In fact, although there are around 108,900 supply chain managers currently working in the United States, there’s expected to be a 26% growth in the need for these professionals by 2020! Keep in mind that, with this profession, you can work in a wide variety of different industries, which accounts, at least somewhat, for the many positions available and for the projected growth of the industry as a whole. Narrowing your options down and finding your special niche in the industry can make it easier to set clear goals and to find a job that you will be happy with.

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