2024 Remote Television Entry-level Jobs

If you dream of landing an entry-level job in television, you should know that there are many positions available, and furthermore, most of these positions aren’t nearly as hard to come by as you might think. Television, as glamorous as it may seem, is an industry just like any other, and as with any industry, there are many different jobs available. One of the more common but not-so-glamorous jobs in television, for example, is automated dialogue replacement recordist. The crystal-clear sound you hear coming from your favorite characters’ mouths on TV doesn’t just happen on its own. No, sound technicians and recordists are working hard behind the scenes to make it happen via a process called dubbing or looping. As a recordist, you could provide re-voicing for inaudible sound, record voiceovers, and more. There are also positions available for technicians who work the actual equipment, produce the sound, and put the sound in at the appropriate places. When you think about the many things, such as sound, that go into producing a television program or even something as simple as a commercial, it’s easy to see why there are so many television entry-level jobs. Really, it’s simply about matching the skills you have to the positions available. Even if your skill is something as out there as being an animal trainer, that’s something that could potentially be useful in the television world! A sampling of other positions available includes animators, associate producers, boom operators, cable pullers, camera assistants, casting associates, and more. So, start scouring through your skills lists to see which television jobs you qualify for!

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