2021 Internships in California

Internships in California place you on America’s “best coast,” as the locals like to call it. The geographic and demographic diversity found along its 770 miles fundamentally shape the culture of each city, be it the foggy eclecticism of Berkeley or the laid-back surf vibes of Santa Monica. California internship opportunities shift with the terrain and local customs as well, making some regions more conducive than others to your professional development. Silicon Valley, for example, is the hotbed of high-tech business and stretches from the Santa Clara Valley into the greater San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re hoping to start a career in IT, software engineering, or an otherwise tech-related field, then intern in California for the chance to design the next Google product or push code for Apple. InternMatch, as it so happens, has its offices in San Francisco’s SoMa district, a start-up settlement that benefits from the vibrant cultural mix of the city. Any portrait of California would be incomplete, however, without mentioning the palm trees, beaches, and celebrity sightings that populate the city of Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs. California interns are primed for gigs in media, public relations, and copywriting driven by the film, fashion, and music of the SoCal scene.

Explore 2021 Internships in California

Explore 2021 Internships

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