2024 Internships in Denver, CO

From the Black American West Musem to the Museo de las Americas, Denver represents all cultures due to its remarkable diversity, and this makes Denver internships desirable to students of any and all backgrounds. The city’s culture extends to art and music as well; the Art District on Santa Fe features over sixty art galleries, and the Paramount Theatre showcases music, comedy, dance, and more. The city also puts on a multitude of festivals and events, like the Starz Denver Film Festival and Denver Arts Week, which draws students from all around the country in hopes to find an Denver internship. With everything there is to keep you occupied, there’s no reason not to intern in Denver. Students can find opportunities at big companies like MapQuest, where they can intern in fields such as marketing and business development, or Yahoo, where its division Associated Content is based. The MediaNews Group is also located here, and is one of the largest newspaper companies in the country; internships at the Denver Post are perfect for journalism students. All of the internships in Denver have something special to offer, no matter what the specialty, and should be considered during your internship search. The city is distinct and the programs are plentiful, so come check out the Mile-High City!

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