2024 Internships in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids has the nickname “River City” because the Grand River that flows through it. Some of the many industries that provide awesome opportunities to intern in Grand Rapids are: healthcare, information technology, and consumer goods. One industry that earned Grand Rapids another nickname in the past is the furniture industry. It is sometimes called “Furniture City” because some of the biggest office furniture companies call Grand Rapids home. The biggest employer in Michigan's second largest city is Spectrum Health, which offers many inpatient and outpatient services across West Michigan. If you want to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of others, you should apply to a few internships in Grand Rapids. Students from Western Michigan University, Ferris State University, and the other great schools located in Grand Rapids can find plenty of opportunities to gain some work experience close to campus. Grand Rapids internships can be a fantastic way to build your resume with the in demand skills that will make you stand out to employers. Students and recent graduates can also visit memorials and historic parks when they aren’t working on impactful projects. Grand Rapids is the hometown and final resting place of Former President Gerald Ford. You can honor his leadership by visiting his memorial, when you become a Grand Rapids intern.

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