2021 Internships in Maryland

Nicknamed “America in Miniature,” Maryland enjoys a topographical gradient from the Appalachian plateaus to the west, to the oak forests of the Piedmont region, to the dunes and sea grass to the east. Internships in Maryland are concentrated around the Fall Line, where rivers and streams become rapids and waterfalls and where most major cities developed. Maryland interns benefit from opportunities stemming from the metropolitan area surrounding Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The nation’s capital infuses Maryland internships with positions in government agencies, making the area fairly recession-proof. Interns in Maryland also work for law firms, consulting firms, independent contractors, non-profits, lobbying firms, trade unions, and professional associations. Washington, D.C. is also experiencing a growth in education, finance, public policy, and scientific research. A thriving nightlife, political buzz, and an easily navigable transportation system make D.C. a popular landing pad for Gen Y. Historically an industrial city with economic roots in steel, automobiles, and shipping, Baltimore now offers employment in sectors like law, finance, medicine, hospitality, and health. The presence of Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland makes the city a good choice for internships in medicine. Charm City is made up of 72 historic districts, of which the Inner Harbor entertains tourists while Fells Point represents a gentrifying, urban hotspot.

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