2021 Internships in Oregon

If you like music, hand-dripped espresso, and artisanal food, beer, and wine, than you’ll be right at home in Oregon. Oregon internships are among the most coveted in the United States and its no surprise why—from Portland to Salem the “Greenest State in America” has something for everyone. Although Portlandia doesn’t get everything right, hipsters do thrive in many of this North West State’s cities. Don’t be surprised to see bike-delivered coffee and legally enforced compost in many of the state’s main businesses. But if all the local granola crunching isn’t your thing, don’t despair. Oregon is also host to a thriving college community that is known for its rambunctious football games and fervent school spirit. Interns in Oregon have access to this wide variety of college culture with the nearby University of Oregon, Lewis and Clark, and Portland State. Oregon interns also get to enjoy some of the most celebrated hikes, hotsprings, and camping opportunities on the west coast. But if the outdoors aren’t your thing, don’t despair. Oregon also has a growing startup community and no end of innovate technology companies looking to hire talented interns. In the summer, Oregon is known for its bike paths and waterfalls (including Multnomah Falls) in the winter Mount Hood provides ample opportunity for skiing and smowboarding. Internships in Oregon are a wonderful way to explore the Pacific Northwest in a booming startup community that fosters growth and creativity.

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