2024 Internships in Seattle, WA

Seattle is called the Emerald City because National Parks, woods, and an interconnecting series of lakes surround the city making it one of the most beautiful places to live in the US. There is even a rainforest, just a few hours outside the city, in the Olympic Peninsula (it’s the only rain forest in the contiguous 48 states!). Internships in Seattle are just as exciting, including many of the most coveted internship positions in the country. In particular, Seattle is a hub for IT internships, with engineering juggernauts like Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing all offering world-class programs. Seattle was just named by Forbes as the #1 city for technology jobs so it is a great city to network and meet other top engineers as well. Internships in Seattle aren’t all about computers. Business majors can intern in Seattle in the thriving startup community or at one of the many small businesses that help make the city so unique. Not to mention, bolstered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle is one of the best cities for non-profit internships. The city is very eco-friendly and embraces a culture of social good, which means some of the most impactful NFPs in the world are based in Seattle. But the question everyone is wondering - does it really rain all the time in Seattle? This myth can be somewhat debunked: since most of the “rain” in Seattle is nothing more than a light drizzle it’s not even one of the 10 rainiest cities in the US. Even better yet, Seattle is notorious for perfect 70-degree summers that don’t rain at all, so for summer internships there are few better places to go. That being said things can be pretty overcast during the other 9 months of the year making a unique experience for any student holding a Seattle internship.

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