Search 2017 Washington DC Internships - Political to Non-Profit

When you think about internships in Washington DC you probably think about working for congressman and senators on Capital Hill. That said there is a lot more to Washington DC internships than politics. While politics does dominate the city, there are also a wealth of finance internships (especially after some of the financial regulation was passed), non-profit internships, legal internships and more. Most major companies and industries need to have a connection to DC in order to lobby for policy so everyone from top environmental firms like the National Audubon Society to tech companies like Google have a DC office. In addition, DC is beautiful city to work in whether you are looking at summer internships, winter internships, or fall and spring internships. In the summer DC can be incredibly hot and humid but all the parks, green spaces, and outdoor beer gardens (if you’re 21) more than make up for it. In the spring the cherry blossoms bloom and in the fall all the leaves turn color making for an incredible sight. Washington DC is routinely named as one of the top cities for 20-somethings, because of the fantastic nightlife, good restaurants and easy to access outdoors, so you can’t really go wrong with an internship in Washington DC!

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