2024 Remote Fitness Internships

No pain, no gain—that’s the philosophy of a fitness internship. Promote health and wellness at fitness centers, corporate wellness programs, equipment companies, and other venues. Your coaching and expertise will benefit communities that find it increasingly difficult to eat right and be active in the crush of work and family obligations. Interns in fitness are, literally, the movers and shakers of the world! Your internship in fitness may consist of duties in administration and business operation—enroll and assess new members in fitness programs, maintain the equipment and facilities, and develop communications materials. Fitness interns can also shadow personal trainers and group instructors to eventually develop their own training sessions. You’ll learn how to adapt your methods to your clients’ individual fitness goals, keeping detailed logs of their progress in exercise and nutrition. Not all of your achievements will be quantifiable, however. As a fitness intern, you’ll provide the coaching, motivation, and education that will benefit your clients beyond the finish line. By immersing your clients in a fitness program, you’ll have equipped them for a healthy lifestyle that positively impacts their families, communities, and work environments. On top of it all, you’ll connect with other fitness experts that will make up a supportive network of smart eating, living, and thriving.

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