2024 Manufacturing Internships in Daly City, CA

In a manufacturing internship, you’ll drive the production of technologies and products that keep the world running: build semiconductors for Texas Instruments, home products for Procter & Gamble, or multi-terrain loaders for Caterpillar. Whether your expertise is in mechanical, industrial, chemical, or electrical engineering, an internship in manufacturing puts you in charge of streamlining processes using lean manufacturing techniques that optimize customer value while cutting work costs. This project management experience will be invaluable when you take on leadership roles in the operations and technical support teams. Manufacturing interns develop an intimate understanding of the plant’s equipment, so you’ll have practical experience with anything from calibrating micrometers and scales to, say, quality testing sophisticated laser resonators. While you may specialize in one fabrication process, your analysis of how it plugs into the larger work flow can promote cost and time effectiveness across the entire plant. Interns in manufacturing are meticulous in documenting operation procedures like researching, ordering, installing, modifying, maintaining, and upgrading equipment (like we said, you’ll get to know your tools). Execute tests with engineers or software developers and evaluate data to refine process or material specifications. You’ll also hone your technical writing skills to recommend upgrades or develop training materials for future engineers and technicians.

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